Friday, December 25, 2009

Why I did not post in 2009 ?

Merry Christmas.

The question seems quite appropriate to me.

Why I did not post even a single post in whole year of 2009 ?

And the answer is - Even I don't know. After starting job in GSECL since January, i seem to be quite busy :)

But as it stands this post still counts as post made in 2009. So the question becomes irrelevant now.

But I assure, this will not be a single post of 2009. Year summary coming up....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Root cause of global recession : Greed

Daily we hear about global recession with stock markets around the world crumbling to lows, jobs being cut and interest rates being brought nearer to zero.

The root cause of all evil is greed. This is no exception.

Guilty ones here are American and European financial institutions to a larger extent. The habit of giving sub-prime mortgages for getting a higher % of interest is the root cause of all things happening through out world.

Developing economies like India have strong economy but can't be spared as whole world is a small village now due to globalization and connectivity.

So, Don't be greedy. [i know its useless advise. Its in human nature to be greedy ;) ]